Madelene Dahlberg
Occupation: Designer
Country: Sweden
Age: 26

I’m the creator of KOMUDESIGNS. This is a space for me to display my collective works. As such, this isn’t a portfolio for just one thing. It’s graphic design, photography, jewelry, furniture, interior design and more. As long as I get to do something with my hands and mind, I’m happy. KOMUDESIGNS is a great way of doing just that. I currently live in the countryside outside of Gävle, Sweden, where I enjoy the views and try to avoid the wasps and mosquitoes. Apart from designing and photographing I enjoy spending time with friends, reading, watching sitcoms and fantasy series and writing.

My designs are influenced by minimalism and industrial architecture. There is beauty in all things, even rusty ones.

I’ve previously done the layout for an online magazine called OM – a nonprofit publication about a greener, sustainable community. Recently I’ve also started taking on some photography and design requests.

A shop for ready-made items is in the planning stages. Stay tuned!