A short cape that provides warmth, no matter what you’re doing. Perfect for riding, walking and hiking. Available for all shapes, ages and sizes.

This cape is based on an 19th century design and goes well with everything! The cape is relatively lightweight and won’t cause any strain on your shoulders. 

Uniquely you
This cape is unique in that you get to decide what goes into it, and each cape is bespoke and made to your measurements, to ensure a perfect fit. I do however sometimes sell ready-made capelets on facebook and etsy, so check the social links for potential bargains!


There is a wide assortment of fabrics available for this cape, in all sorts of colours and patterns. And hey – if you have a specific look in mind and you can’t find what you want out of the materials I offer, we’ll sort something out in order for you to get your perfect cape! The fabrics all have their pros/cons, so make sure to take a look at the Fabrics & Materials page to figure out which suits your needs. The page also lists all the prices per meter, so you can plan your budget accordingly. The available materials for this skirt are:

Polar fleece, recycled wool, patterned recycled wool, impregnated wadmal (wool), chequered wool, and misc patterned wool. Garments made from wool have stitched edges along the bottom and any openings. Fleece garments have raw edges as these don’t fray.




This cape has two types of collars to choose from. You can also choose whether to have the collar lined with the main fabric, or with black, white, or unbleached cotton. This might be especially relevant if you want a wool cape but are sensitive to wool directly against your skin.

Straight –  A straight collar that can be worn standing or folded.
Curved – A curved, standing collar.



The cape ties in the front, and there is a large variety of ribbons to choose from for every type of budget. See the Fabrics & Materials page for options and prices, under “RIBBONS”.



Machine embroidered monograms are available as an add-on in a range of colours, as well as in two styles (with one initial or two). See the Monograms page for more information. Do you have a custom request, such as a logo? Make sure to take a look at that page as well.

A perfect fit
As I won’t personally be able to take your measurements, you need to watch this how-to-measure video, to make sure that the measurements you send me are the exact ones that I need in order for your cape to fit as intended. 
Ordering your cape
As this cape is made to order, unique to each client, prices are also set on a per-client basis. The base price listed is the set cost for making a cape. The customer price (covering the cost of materials) is as unique to you as your cape is!

Fill in the inquiry form below so I can calculate your material cost, to make sure that you only pay for what you need. The inquiry form is not binding, so feel free to inquire on any item you are interested in. You can add several fabric options if you’re unsure which one you want, and you’ll get a quote for each choice. After you have received the price quotes and the expected time-frame for your order, you can go ahead and order using the binding order form included in that email. For more information on payment options, ordering times, an in-depth overview of the order process, etcetera – see the FAQ page. 


Some email clients are moody about contact forms – if you have previously experienced issues with forms or if you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, send me an email directly ( or contact me on Facebook/Instagram.