A warm, comfortable and stylish garment for autumn and winter, for all ages and sizes. Last winter it was enough for me to wear slightly thicker jodhpurs and the riding skirt even during the coldest months, since it falls over the butt of the horse and forms a “quilt” where the warmth of the horse provides you with heat. Also nice for horses that tend to get cold themselves. This riding skirt is circular cut in 4 panels with fastenings in order to hook it up while working in the stable. (The folds that are formed are perfect to put the hoof pick in, however, you should remember that this is where you put it …)

The skirt is sewn to your measurements, the only thing I need is your waist measurement and how long you want it, measured from the waist down. Recommended length is approximately to the center of your calves. After that, I calculate the material consumption, and then the price, depending on the material you want. I then take 500SEK for the job.

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